Mgr. Ondřej Beran, PhD.

Research interests:

the relationship between analytical philosophy and phenomenology (the role of language in the constitution of experience; time and memory); the "middle" Wittgenstein (interpretation and translation – currently working on a commented translation of Wittgenstein's Philosophische Bemerkungen)

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Biographical Info

born 1979 in Plzeň, Czech Republic

2004 – Mgr. (M.A.) in Philosophy and Latin at Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Arts), Master thesis "Petronius and his forgers"

2007 – DAAD scholarship, study stay at Technische Universität Dresden

2008 – Ph.D. in Philosophy at Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Arts), Ph.D. thesis "Language and Individuality" (adviser: Professor J. Peregrin)

2011 – Fulbright scholarship, study stay at Pennsylvania State University

2007-2008, since 2010 – researcher in the Institute of Philosophy, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

2009-2011 – postdoc at the Center for Theoretical Study (Charles University and the Academy of Sciences)

since 2013 – part-time researcher at Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, University of West Bohemia in Plzeň



- „Střední" Wittgenstein: cesta k fenomenologii a zase zpátky, Červený Kostelec: Nakladatelství Pavel Mervart, 2013, 252 pp.

- Soukromé jazyky, Praha: Filosofia, 2012, 184 pp.

- Náš jazyk, můj svět, Praha: Filosofia, 2010, 420 s.

Selected articles

- "Wittgensteinian Perspectives on the Turing Test", Studia Philosophica Estonica 7.1 (2014), pp. 35-57.

- "In Search for Memory: Remembering from the Viewpoints of Philosophy and of Multi-agent Systems Research", in: Romportl - Ircing - Žáčková - Polák - Schuster (eds.), Beyond AI: Artificial Golem Intelligence, Plzeň: University of West Bohemia, 2013, pp. 122-136.

- "Individuality and Inferences", in: Gurova (ed.), Inference, Consequence and Meaning. Perspectives on Inferentialism, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012, pp. 115-130.

- "Jazyk, barvy, matematizace", in: Kůrka – Matoušek – Velický (eds.), Spor o matematizaci světa, Červený kostelec: Nakladatelství Pavel Mervart, 2012, pp. 245-262.

- "Basic Color Categories in the Language-Game Perspective", in: Organon F vol. 19 (2012), No. 4, pp. 423-443.

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- "Nerozumění", in: Filosofický časopis, vol. 57 (2009), No. 5, pp. 683-708.


- Wittgenstein, L., Poznámky o barvách, translated and introductory study by O. Beran, Praha: Filosofia, 2010, 139 pp.

Companions (seminal secondary texts)

- Soukromé jazyky: čítanka, edited, translated and introductory study by O. Beran, Praha: Filosofia, 2013, 197 pp.


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