Petr Glombíček, PhD.

Research interests:

He currently focuses on theories of rationality, judgment and common sense. He is also working on a monograph on early philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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Biographical Note

Petr Glombíček studied at Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague.

Petr Glombíček has had a full time appointment at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Ostrava.

Selected publications


Hill, J. and Glombíček, P (eds). Essays on the Concept of Mind in Early-Modern Philosophy, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010

Hill, J. and Glombíček, P. (eds). George Berkeley: Průvodce jeho filosofií. Praha: Filosofia, 2009


Glombíček, P. (ed.). Soukromý jazyk, pravidla a Wittgenstein. Praha, FILOSOFIA 2007

Glombíček, P. and Kuneš, J. (eds.). Cogito, ergo sum. FILOSOFIA, Praha 2006

Articles in English

"What Kant Could Reidˮ, In: Glombíček, Hill (eds.), Concept of Mind in Early Modern Philosophy, Cambridge Scholar Press 2010

"Cartesian Common Sense?ˮ, Acta Comeniana 24 (2010), s. 133-142.

"Descartes on the Nature of Languageˮ, Acta Comeniana 42 (2004), pp. 117-132

"Being and Time in the World of Wittgenstein's Tractatusˮ, in: M.Zouhar (ed.), Používanie, interpretácia a význam jazykových výrazov, Bratislava VEDA, 2004, str. 242-248

"The Role of Scepsis in Meditations of René Descartesˮ, Acta Comeniana, 17 (2003), pp. 137-150


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