Matej Cíbik, Ph.D.


Research interests:

Contemporary ethics and political philosophy – liberalism, theories of justice, political realism, legitimacy, Kant’s practical philosophy and its influence on current political theory.

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2010–2016: Ph.D. in Philosophy, Charles University in Prague
2009–2010: M.A. in Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest
2006–2009: Bc. in Philosophy, Charles University in Prague
2001–2006: Tisovec Lutheran High School

Teaching experience

2017 - present: teaching at the Department of philosophy, Pardubice university;
2012 – 2015: teaching assistant at Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Charles University in Prague, giving courses in contemporary moral and political philosophy.

Grants and scholarships

2019: Visiting researcher, Safra Centre for Ethics, Harvard University
2013–2014: Anglo-Czech Educational Fund grant supporting a year-long research stay at London School of Economics, Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science
2013: Research grant „Rawls and contemporary liberalism“, financing several conference talks (Budapest, Pavia, Istanbul) and a research seminar on contemporary political philosophy
2011–2012 „Liberal neutrality“ grant, supporting a research stay at Cambridge University
2008–2009 Erasmus stipend, supporting a semester at Université Toulouse II – Le Mirail

Workshops and conferences organised

Disagreement, Intolerance and Political Discourse, Centre for Ethics, University of Pardubice, 12-14. 9. 2019
How to Read Political Thinkers conference, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, 20. 6. 2017 (with Tomáš Halamka and Jakub Jirsa).
Colloquium John Rawls – Justice and Reciprocity, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, 9.2. 2017.


Papers in international journals

• Conspiracy Theories and Reasonable Pluralism (with Pavol Hardoš), European Journal of Political Theory (forthcoming in 2020)
• The Immorality of Tattoos, The Journal of Ethics (forthcoming in 2020)
• Expectations and Obligations, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 21 (5), 2018.
• The Deceptive Appeal of Self-Ownership, Ethical Perspectives 25 (4), 2018.

Czecho-Slovak publications


• Liberáli a tí druhí [Liberals and the Others], Akamedia, Bratislava 2017.

Articles and book chapers

• Rozumnost a konsensus - 25 let politického liberalismu [Reasonableness and Consensus - 25 Years of Political Liberalism], Filosofický časopis (forthcoming in 2020).
• Československo a jeho rozpad ve světle filosofických teorií nacionalismu [Czechoslovakia and Its Dissolution Viewed by Philosophical Theories of Nationalism] Reflexe 55, 2018.
• Liberální universalismus dnes [Liberal Universalism Today], Acta Politologica 10 (3), 2018.
• Kant a současná etika a politika [Kant and Contemporary Ethics and Politics], In: Přístupy k etice III, Filosofia, Praha 2017.
• Emócie a kantovská morálka [Emotions and Kantian Morality], Filosofický časopis, 64 (2), 2016.
• Rawlsian Constructivism and the Conception of Human Rights by Ladislav Hejdánek, Ethics & Bioethics 4 (1–2), 2014.
• Politická filozofia v predvečer Nežnej revolúcie [Political Philosophy on the Eve of Velvet Revolution], In: Filosofie v podzemí - Filosofie v zázemí, Nomádva, Praha 2013.
• Kant a Rawls o neutralite liberálneho štátu [Kant and Rawls on Liberal Neutrality], Filozofia 66 (5), 2011.


• Kamila Pacovská: Láska, vina náhoda, Reflexe 56, 2019.
• Jiří Chotaš et al.: Lidská práva a jejich zdůvodnění, Reflexe 54, 2018.
• Rudolf Kučera: Filosofické kořeny politického rozhodování, Reflexe 52, 2017.
• Ondřej Lánský: Je třeba zavrhnout liberalismus, Reflexe 52, 2017.
• Jakub Čapek et al.: Přístupy k etice II, Filosofický časopis 64 (3), 2016.

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